Business Finance in Tasmania

SMA has the experience to deliver the best financing solutions to suit your business goals.

Business financing can come in many forms: from commercial property purchases, overdraft and Fully Drawn Advances, and general day-to-day banking facilities, to business acquisitions, capital funding for growth, overseas trade finance (import/export facilities) and debtor finance.

Because of this multi-faceted nature - and because no two businesses are alike - there is no "one size fits all" approach. Instead, by drawing our considerable experience and vast array of products from Austraia's most respected lenders, we at SMA work closely with our clients to create highly customised financing solutions that give them the competitve edge they need to prosper in an ever-evolving market place.

Key Points:

| Commercial Property

Funding of the acquisition of the freehold or leasehold of commercial premesies such as office buildings or units, residential investment property, warehouses, hotels/motels, car parks factories and the like – essentially any real property that is potentially income producing.

| Fully Drawn Advance

A loan for a fixed term to assist with cash requirements for the business, this could be stock purchase, office upgrades, software purchase or any other worthwhile purchase/requirement.

| Business Overdraft

Assist with short term cash requirements on a come and go basis.

| Business Acquisitions

Assist with the buyout of existing businesses and mergers.

| Capital Funding for Growth

Based on business expansion requirements, assists with business growth and cash shortfalls during that period.

| Import/Export

Provision of international trade finance, documentary Letters of Credit, overseas transfers, import links.

| Trade or Debtor Finance

Discounting debtors ledger to enhance cash flows.

| General Banking Facilities

Transactional banking accounts, business credit cards, deposits, payrolls etc.

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