Tasmania Home Loans

SMA can provide home finance options that enable you to pay off your home loan more quickly, give flexibility and help create wealth.

In today’s ever changing market, home loans are available for a multitude of purposes including the usual purchase, construction, renovation, refinance, investment, or just about any worthwhile purpose. Home loans come with a variety of choices and options and some of which are are detailed below. These options will enable you to pay off your loan more quickly, provide flexibility and help create wealth.

Key Features

  • Low interest rates
  • Fixed and variable rate options
  • Equity facilities
  • Ability to make extra payments
  • Redraw Facility
  • Offset accounts
  • Interest only loans
  • Investment loan


  • You can own your home more quickly
  • You can hedge against market fluctuations in interest rates
  • You can unlock equity in your home to utilise for other purposes such as buying a car, boat or holiday.
  • You can save interest by paying off your home faster
  • You can pay off extra but have access to these funds at a later date saving interest in the meantime
  • You can tax effectively utilise surplus money to reduce your home loan interest
  • You pay interest only, usually on investment loans, thereby retaining additional cash for other purposes
  • You can utilise funds to build wealth by buying a property, shares or managed funds.

At SMA we have access to the majority of home loan lenders. We are available to discuss your requirements, compare loan options and obtain a loan that best suits your needs. Our service is free and you can compare the different loan options available at one point rather than shopping around thereby saving you time and money.

For Trusted and Reliable Home Loan in Tasmania Call us on 03 6244 2299.

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